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Industrial Wash water Recycling Systems

Hydro Engineering, Inc. has been manufacturing industrial wash water recycling systems for equipment and vehicle pressure washing applications since 1986. We are experts at determining the right equipment to safely recycle or discharge wash water

Hydrokleen industrial filtration systems are modular allowing configurations that provide a solution tailored to satisfy effluent discharge or recycling requirements. From solids settling, solids filtration, oil coalescing and skimming, bioreactors, pathogen and odor control, emulsified oil filtration, metals removal, BOD or COD reduction, we provide industrial wash water recycling systems to achieve superior water recycling or discharge requirements.

How We Filter Wash water

Hydrokleen filtration systems employ state-of-the-art, application proven materials of construction and manufacturing techniques to exceed requirements for performance, durability and corrosion prevention. Hydro Engineering, Inc. product quality and design experience ensures customers the most reliable and cost effective solutions available. Click this link for a PDF file giving you a quick overview of how we filter wash water for discharge to sanitary sewer or recycling systems.

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Wash water Recycling Safely

Many competitive systems do not provide recycled water safe for reuse. Check out the important information at the link below.

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Water Test Results That Prove Our Systems Work

Check out these water test results that show actual before and after numbers, proving that Hydrokleen wash water systems get the job done.

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