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There are a lot of car wash equipment options but if you require consistent results and demand customer satisfaction, Hydro Engineering offers hand held and automatic drive through car wash equipment and wash water filtration and reclaim systems that will help you achieve these goals.

  1. The Instant Car Wash (ICW™) is a simple hand-held system. It offers superior car washing tools that produce excellent results (with or without soap) in a small footprint. It will help you promote an environment friendly green company image and comply with EPA discharge and SWPPP requirements. The ICW offers the tools you are looking for at a budget friendly price.

    The pressure washing and wash water filtration equipment is housed in a pre-plumbed and wired enclosure. The integrated Hydroblaster pressure washer is available in a variety of flows and pressures. Choose single gun or optional dual gun systems for higher production rates. All pressure washing is performed with recycled water through both pressure washer and microfiber flow through brush.

    Rinse with fresh water or optionally with RO or DI water to provide a spot free rinse with a supplied rinse gun.

    Wash water is collected, treated and recycled for re-use to the Hydroblaster pressure washer and microfiber wash brush by the integrated wash water filtration system. The ICW is capable of washing 100's of cars per day while using very little fresh water.

  2. The vehicle wash rack mounted automatic drive through car wash is unique to Hydro Engineering. We partner with the best automatic car wash manufacturers and then integrate car wash equipment with our vehicle wash rack containment platform and wash water filtration systems to provide an equipment package that insures superior wash results and equipment reliability.

    Hydropads wash racks with walls are arrayed on existing floors to make an above grade wash bay that can be placed inside an existing building with minimal construction. No in ground trench drains or sumps with their associated construction costs are required, only typical water and sewer utility connections.

  3. Car wash water reclaim and recycling for car wash applications can save incredible amounts of water. In most cases between 70-80% and in some near 100% of wash water collected is reused. This substantially eases the permit process.

    Whether you have a hand-held car wash or a drive through friction or touchless automatic wash, our car wash reclaim systems provides filtered conditioned water for re-use. Odor free recycled water is supplied for all car wash operations excluding the rinse stage which uses fresh, DI or RO water.

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