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Bioreactor Organic Waste Digester

A Hydrokleen Bioreactor system extends the benefits derived from the use of Hydro-Biodigesters beyond control of naturally occurring bacteria and odors associated with wash water recycling to organic waste reduction. A Bioreactor can be used as a stand alone treatment system or be placed in any Hydrokleen wash water processing system to reduce organics including: oil, fuel, coolants, soap, plant and food wastes. This system solves the problem of wash water processing odors and much more.

Wash water enters the Bioreactor where it is mixed in the reaction tank with a solution that is charged with high quantities of Hydro Biodigesters bacteria, enzymes, nutrients and dissolved oxygen. The reaction tank features a moving bed reactor that supports Biodigesters bacteria colony growth and guarantees wash water flow through out the biomass. Bioreactor maintains bacteria in an aerobic state that optimizes bacteria metabolism and organic contaminates reduction.

Bioreactor requires use of Hydro-Biodigester product which is pre-packaged in liquid form and dispensed automatically into the reaction tank.

Bioreactor processed wash water is available for reuse or sewer discharge.

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