Wash water Recycling and Single Polishing Systems
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Water Filtration & Recycling System


PLC & touch screen that provides factory remote system monitoring and reporting of any connected devices.

SPL30 filtration systems are designed to filter and condition wash waste water for recycling back to wash applications or for sewer discharge. Systems must be configured with either an above ground process tank or can use an in-ground tank.

SPL30 systems control the waste stream as it is pumped or gravity fed into the process tank and discharged to the downstream device or disposal point. Wash water being treated flows through a polishing loop that consists of a process tank, high volume pump, air injection system and media filter. Wash water in this polishing loop circulates at a rate of about 100GPM through the media filter and back to a process tank to ensure superior solids removal. The media filter uses one of several available media types that target specific contaminates in the waste stream to maximize filtration performance. When the filter media becomes occluded with debris the system automatically performs a backwash routine that refreshes the media.

The polishing loop can be fitted with optional equipment if odor control, foam control or pH adjustment is required. These options allow the system to address water quality issues beyond solids filtration including reduction of BOD, COD and hydrocarbon levels in the waste stream.

The system can be configured for flow through treatment rates of up to 50 GPM. It includes an integrated PLC that controls and monitors system operation and promotes optimum performance.

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