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Above Ground Oil Water Separator with Polishing Filtration


Hydrokleen HE/S1-H is an affordable, efficient, easy to maintain wash water treatment system that is focused on removing two waste contributors in wash wash water oil and suspended solids. The included polishing loop provides additional wash water treatment to improve water quality.

Transform wash water into wash water for recycle operation or use Hydrokleen HE/S1-H technology to meet wash water discharge requirements.

HE/S1-H inflow is controlled automatically. A system ready signal is sent to an upstream source when the system can accept wash water As wash water enters it is directed vertically downward through a quiescent feed tube where fluid velocity is stabilized and slowed to promote particle separation from waste stream. At the quieting tube discharge flow is redirected vertically upward into a large clarification zone containing an oversized oil coalescing pack. Velocity reduction and flow reversal in quieting tube and clarification zone combine to maximize solids/liquid separation and solids settling.

As fluid then flows generally upward through coalescing pack, flow direction is continuously changed to ensure microscopic oil droplets contact and adhere to coalescing pack surface. Microscopic droplets gather together to form larger droplets that float to the surface where they are skimmed.

Skimmed oil is captured in a decanter where oil is separated from wash water and gravity drained to a waste oil receptacle. Wash water separated from oil is returned to the system for additional processing.

Clarified liquid flows from first tank to second by gravity. Fluid in the second tank is polished. Hydrokleen HE/S1-H polishing technology employs contaminant specific media to optimize both adsorption and absorbed wash water recoveries. High-rate polishing provides side stream wash water circulation at 100GPM and air injection through a high-capacity media contact filter vessel. This combination ensures a high frequency of wash water to media exposure during continuous flow operation, promotes air stripping of aromatic hydrocarbons and allows lower operating pressures for reduced energy consumption and safety.

Optional injection of Hydro Engineering, Inc.'s proprietary Hydro-Biodigester biological product provides the best available technology for organic waste and odor causing bacteria control. This advanced processing step for superior water quality prevents oil, grease and hydrocarbon contaminant accumulations throughout the entire system.

Polishing continues until the wash water is discharged to a drain or subsequent process either by gravity or pump. Discharge may be further treated with an optional bag filter to ensure solids are removed. Maximum discharge particle size is dependent on the nominal rating of the filter bag.

Solid accumulations in cone-shaped bottoms of tanks are removed by opening manual drain valves or activating optional automatic tank purge.

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