Equipment Wash Rack for Golf, Turf and Landscape Contractors
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Equipment wash rack for golf, turf and landscape contractors

Pressure washers and water filtration / recycling system are required by OSHA to be certified to safety standards. UL1776 for pressure washers and UL979 for water filtration systems. These standards cover the entire product, not just electrical panels and components. In researching equipment for purchase, make sure to ask for proof of authorization to mark equipment, provided to manufacturer by UL or ETL, for equipment model number before a purchase is made.

Turf and landscape contractors have many unique problems in constructing an approved equipment wash rack. This can be very time-consuming and complicated. A portable wash rack system addresses these challenges. Imagine getting a portable wash rack completed fast that does not require any of the following:

This is equipment, not a construction project

The Hydropad equipment wash rack is not a grated surface causing dirt and grass to drop through where it's hard to remove. This portable wash rack sheds water and debris to a side gutter where it is easily removed. Only the Hydropad above ground equipment wash rack can make this claim. No more clogged sumps!

All types of golf course, turf care and landscape equipment can be washed quickly and efficiently. Add a pressure washer and wash water filtration system to complete a wash rack system. Our self cleaning bioreactor system removes pesticides and chloroform found in recycled wash water from cleaning lawn maintenance equipment.

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