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Landscaping Equipment Wash Rack

Small turf wash rack systems accomplish big jobs. Installation and set up of a Hydropad wash rack with water recycling is simple. Power and water are required for operation. No construction because this wash rack is equipment and sets in place on the ground. No sewer is required because 100% of all water collected is filtered and recycled for re-use on the wash rack.

Landscaping Equipment Wash Rack

Consider a cost efficient solution that doubles as an environmentally acceptable method for pressure washing turf equipment. Eliminate ground contamination. The Hydropad is easy to implement and easy to use. Connecting the wash rack to Hydro Engineering Inc's bio-mechanical recycling system eilminates the requirement for connection to a sewer.

Landscaping Equipment Wash Rack

This picture says it all. YOUR SUMP IS CLOGGED! This will never happen with a Hydropad wash rack fitted with gutter flip screens. The fines covering turf equipment are so small that no matter what you do, in-ground sumps and connected lines are at risk of clogging. Hydropad flip screens are designed to capture and dewater the fine turf particles for easy disposal.

Golf Cart Wash Rack

Set up a Hydro Engineering, Inc. turf wash rack is simple because it is equipment and not a construction project. A wash rack like this can be set up in less than a day and provide pressure washing, wastewater collection and water recycling for all your turf washing requirements.

Golf Cart Wash Rack

This Hydropad wash rack is 14' wide and 16' long and is the perfect size for golf course turf equipment washing. The 4' wall along the gutter side of the wash rack allows for top surface washing toward the side gutter. Solids flow under the wall edge into a flip screen that captures even the tiniest of grass particles. Wash water flows into the side gutter, is pumped to a Bioreactor, filtered and reused back in the wash process. No sewer connection is required.

Equipment wash rack for golf, turf and landscape contractors

Turf and landscape contractors have many unique problems in constructing an approved wash rack. This can be very time-consuming and complicated. An above ground steel containment wash rack system addresses these challenges. Imagine getting a portable wash rack completed fast that does not require any of the following:

  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Construction

This is equipment, not a project

This above ground steel containment wash pad is not a grated surface causing dirt and grass to drop through where it's hard to remove. This portable wash rack sheds all water and debris to a side gutter where it is easily removed. Only the Hydropad above ground wash pad can make this claim. No more clogged sumps!

All types of golf course, turf care and landscape equipment can be washed quickly and efficiently. Add a pressure washer and recycle system to complete the wash rack system. Our bioreactor system removes pesticides and chloroform found in wastewater from cleaning lawn maintenance equipment.

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