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Hydropad Containment Pads

All steel, modular, above ground Hydropad containment pads. Hydropad containment is the perfect solution for leak containment protection. Provides volume expansion capability with multiple module connection. Ideal for fuels, chemicals, waste storage and more. All Hydropad systems offer flexibility of installation and relocation as mission requires.


Hydro Engineering, Inc. Hydropad containment systems employ several features, benefits and options for optimum performance, reliability, durability and safety. Hydropad systems and supporting accessories are designed for either above ground installation or sub-surface supported encasement. Hydropad containment systems provide a premier sustainable solution for permanent, temporary or tactical fluid containment applications.

Hydropad containment platform surface is designed using a linear plurality of rails and adjacent flow-defining channels to prevent surface fluid accumulation and expedite transfer to lower collection reservoir. Hydropad containment systems sectional platform modules include connection and pump out fittings to satisfy any placement configuration orientation.

Hydropad platform modules and ramps are heavy gauge steel for high corrosion allowance. Metal receives a multi-step ISO Certified preparation then powder coated with a non-slip textured surface. Hydropad ramps are all steel, modular, and uniform design for allowance of lateral combinations up to full platform width dimension on either or both ends of a completed containment lane.

Optional platform walls up to 8’ high are constructed of 18-gauge galvanized steel modular panels with powder coated frame members and support brackets that are a fabricated combination using 11-gauge and 3/16" steel to ensure sustained reliability in any environment.

Wall frame uprights are engineered to accommodate platform "out of plane" irregularity common with applications. Hydropad wall design allows vertical deviation of several degrees. Walls have inherent flexibility design to prevent damage from any platform movement. Walls employ vertical stacked, modular panels to include bottom panel deflector and installation compression brackets for all panels.

Materials of Construction:

Hydropad Containment Module Dimensions:

Containment Module Weight Rating:

Modular Ramp Dimensions:

Model Specifications

PDF3EO469 8x10 Containment Pad
PDF3MO545 8x14 Containment Pad
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