Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
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Wash Rack for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

The Maintenance Answer For Today's D.O.T.

The Hydro Engineering Inc DOT Portable Wash Rack System for all highway department equipment including salt trucks and snow plows.

Municipal Department of Transportation offices nationwide are facing tough challenges today, with increased pressure from the EPA and the soon-to-be revised Clean Water Act of 1972. Now every city, county and state government office must have a "Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan" in place or face loss of their EPA discharge permit.

DOT equipment of all types including salt trucks and snowplows must be cleaned frequently to prevent or reduce corrosion. Our portable wash rack systems can extend life of snow removal and salt spreading equipment many times over. Department of Transportation facilities can now install a system fast.

Hydro Engineering's portable wash rack system is the answer

Equipment is driven onto Hydropad portable wash rack system, and recycled water is pressurized through Hydroblaster pressure-washing system. This can be accomplished very quickly by our Water Cannon system, which cleans at an incredible 30 GPM through a hand-held system. A heated, high-pressure Hydroblaster washing system removes any remaining dirt, oil and grease, and finally a fresh-water rinsing system completes the cleaning process. All water and contaminants are collected and contained by the Hydropad patented instant wash rack system. The Hydrokleen wash water treatment/recycling system purifies water down to less than one micron making it available for reuse through the washing systems.

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Complete engineering and design are provided at no cost. Contact us for complete specifications on the system of your choice

Avoid Construction Delays, Runoff Pollution Risk by Improving Stormwater Management Practices

While construction sites have a number of important considerations to keep in mind during the building process, one of the most impactful - yet often less prioritized - is the importance of stormwater runoff.

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