Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
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Wash Rack for Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans

The Corrosion Maintenance Answer for Today's D.O.T.

The Hydro Engineering, Inc. DOT Portable Wash Rack System for all highway department equipment including salt trucks and snow plows.

DOT equipment of all types including snowplows, brine and salt trucks, must be cleaned frequently to reduce corrosion. Corrosion control is the key to vehicle life.

Hydro Engineering Inc. Can Assist With Wash Rack Design

Whether we assist with design of a wash rack, or provide a Hydropad above ground wash rack, D.O.T. systems should start with an automatic drive through system for washing of wheels, undercarriage and sides of vehicles. Drivers don’t want to get out of vehicles to wash their truck, so completing the task automatically is the way to go.

Hand held pressure washers, water cannons, catwalks for top side wash down, water filtration and recycling equipment, are all options that can be added based on requirements.

Download The Specifications

PDFClick here for a complete specification page

Complete engineering and design are provided at no cost. Contact us for complete specifications on the system of your choice

Avoid Construction Delays, Runoff Pollution Risk by Improving Stormwater Management Practices

While construction sites have a number of important considerations to keep in mind during the building process, one of the most impactful - yet often less prioritized - is the importance of stormwater runoff.

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