Military Aircraft Wash Rack
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Aircraft Wash Rack System

Military aircraft corrosion maintenance hours are known to outstrip flight hours. Timely removal of corrosion causing contaminants can be the most effective corrosion control measure in aircraft maintenance. Hydro Engineering, Inc. offers the most effective and reliable solutions for wash/rinse decontamination available. Innovative solutions for hangar, airfield or deployment application.

Reasons for cleaning aircraft:

Regardless of advancements in metals, coatings, special treatments and other advancements, effective wash/rinse decontamination remains the most beneficial action for corrosion prevention.

Hydro Engineering, Inc. technologies will not only optimize aircraft cleaning performance but can reduce man hours spent by 60%, reduce water consumption by more than 90% and lower cleaning compound usage by about 75%. Better results, faster rotation and save money too.

Hydro Engineering, Inc. is Certified ISO 9001:2015. All equipment is ETL Certified, manufactured to UL, CE and CSA standards, and Made in America. Please let us know how we can benefit your aircraft maintenance.

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