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Equipment Wash Rack, Hydropads

Collecting wash water and contaminants is job one for an equipment wash rack.

Hydropads array to create a portable wash pad that will meet job specific pressure washing equipment and wash water recovery requirements. Modular Hydropad systems are available with vehicle capacities up to 75 tons per axle. They are deployed above grade, require a minimal amount of site work and can be relocated when requirements change.

Build a wash rack with approach/depart ramps, overspray containment walls, awnings, remote equipment control stations, wash water collection and filtration options, drive over ramps for vehicle undercarriage access and perimeter catwalks.

Hydropads are building blocks for equipment wash racks. Take control of pressure washing equipment goals; get in compliance with EPA rules, promote an environmentally supportive 'green' company image and get the job done.

Hydropads Containment Pads, the best above ground wash pads.

Hydropads were the first and still best above ground wash racks available. No other wash pad is as structurally strong or feature-rich as a Hydropad. US patent 6,799,591 B2, 7,258,749 B2 and 7,530,362 B2

The Right Design for The Right Job

Hydropads are modular in design, which means that you are able to bolt multiple Wash Racks together. Side by side, end to end. With Hydro Engineering's patented Gutter Designs, the possibilities of Wash Rack Sizes are endless.

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