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Dual Polishing Filtration/Recycling with Oil Removal or Bioreactor


PLC & touch screen that provides factory remote system monitoring and reporting of any connected devices.

HE/7000 filtration systems are designed to filter wash water for recycling back to wash applications or for sewer discharge. Systems are configured with three integrated process tanks that control the waste stream as it is pumped or gravity fed into the first of three filtration processes.

Wash water first flows into tank #1 to begin oil coalescing. Liquid flows vertically downward through a quiescent feed tube to promote particle separation at tank bottom before being directed vertically upward into an oversized oil coalescing pack. As liquid ascends through coalescing pack, flow direction is continuously changed to ensure microscopic oil droplets contact and adhere to coalescing pack's surface and form larger droplets. These larger coalesced droplets then float to the surface where they are skimmed.

Skimmed oil is captured in a decanter where oil is separated from wash water and gravity drained to a waste oil receptacle.

Clarified liquid flows to tank #2 by gravity, which is the first of two polishing loops. Each loop includes a process tank, high volume pump, air injection system and media filter. Wash water in each polishing loop circulates at a rate of about 100 GPM through a media filter and back to a process tank to ensure superior solids removal. The media filter uses one of several available media types that target specific contaminates in the waste stream to maximize filtration performance.

The polishing loops can be fitted with optional equipment if odor control, foam control or pH adjustment is required. Up to 12 GPM of filtered wash water can be delivered to wash applications or discharged to sewer. The integrated PLC controls and monitors system operation and promotes optimum performance.

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