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Instant Car Wash

If you need an easily assembled, efficient answer to your car washing problem, we have the answer!

The Instant Car Wash (ICW™) provides an effective, easy to use wash system for automobiles and pickup trucks. While soap or detergent may be used, the ICW; is capable of washing the vehicle without using any chemicals. This substantially reduces the possibility of streaking and finish damage that can occur if chemicals are allowed to dry on painted surfaces.

The ICW includes the three wash tools required for vehicle washing. The wash tools include a Hydroblaster cold water pressure washer and a flow through micro fiber brush that use recycled wash water . The system also includes a rinse gun/wand assembly that typically uses fresh water but can also be supplied with water generated by a reverse osmosis (RO) system or by a special deionization (DI) filter to remove impurities that cause hard water spotting when the rinse water evaporates.

The three tools can be used simultaneously if multiple operators are washing the vehicle. Typically the Hydroblaster high pressure washer is used first, followed by the flow through brush and then the rinse water spritz gun.

Wash water may be captured for reuse by using a Hydropad wash rack as the vehicle wash platform. The ICW includes a media filter and wash water treatment system that produces high quality recycled water for the wash operations.

The ICW requires power, water and sewer connections. No construction is required. The system can be configured to operate without a sewer connection which can eliminate permitting.

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