Auto Undercarriage & Wheel Wash System
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Automatic Undercarriage Wheel Wash System, AUWS

The AUWS solves the difficult task of cleaning mud and dirt from the wheels and undercarriage of vehicles and machinery. This drive over system is fully automatic and self-cleaning.

Approach and exit ends of the AUWS may be connected to Hydropad above ground wash pad arrays or poured in place concrete driveways. The AUWS can be used as a stand-alone wheel and undercarriage wash or be incorporated into a fully functional vehicle wash rack. Either way, it's set in place, connected, and operating within days.

Approaching equipment is detected and operation of the AUWS is automatic. The AUWS accepts very heavy soil loads. Solids drop through the grated top surface and are removed from the AUWS with an integral drag conveyor. Clarified wash water is constantly recycled through the wash process. Hydropads capture fluid overspray and provide work surfaces for personnel performing inspection, manual touchup and final rinsing. The AUWS can be configured with spray arches so that the top and sides of equipment can be cleaned at the same time as the undercarriage.

A variety of options allow the system to be configured for your specific requirements.

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PDFAutomatic Undercarriage Wheel Wash System
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