AIS Prevention & Biosecurity Wash Systems
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AIS Prevention / Biosecurity

For Agricultural Industry

The first line of defense for any facility's biosecurity program is being able to automatically disinfect all incoming traffic into the facility. The DAS performs vehicle disinfection with ease. The system consists of three major components; a Hydropad wash pad that captures all liquids, a chemical mixing and delivery system, and a fluid recycling system. As a vehicle enters the Hydropad platform, it is sprayed with disinfectant. All liquids are captured and recycled back into the system for reuse.

For Waterways

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) prevention is vital to waterway preservation. Species infestation results in devastating impacts to fisheries, recreation, economy, and water quality. There is no second chance; infestation is forever.

Hydro Engineering, Inc. pioneered technologies and protocol for watercraft and other equipment decontamination to support AIS prevention. Decades of proven innovation and experience to support all AIS Prevention Program aspects to include; conception design, logistical planning, equipment configuration, training, operation and more. Application requires effective decontamination, safety and health of personnel, watercraft damage prevention and operational optimization. Hydro Engineering, Inc. experience is essential to achieve everything.

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