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Oil Coalescing / Solids Settling System, Above Ground


Wash water often contains solids and hydrocarbon contaminants in the form of fuel, oil and grease. These contaminates can appear on the water surface as a colorful floating sheen or they can be emulsified which causes the wash water to appear milky.

Detergents introduce surfactants and water soluble solvents into the cleaning process that improve cleaning results but also promote emulsification of hydrocarbon in the wash water .

Hydrokleen OCS oil coalescing and skimming system removes hydrocarbon from the wash water so that wash water can be reused for wash operations or discharged into a sanitary sewer system.

Oil coalescing and solids settling is accomplish by slowing the wash water flow rate through a specially designed coalescing pack that continuously redirects the flow direction past oil attractive material that pulls the hydrocarbons out of the wash water . Hydrocarbon particles attach to this material and then coalesce into larger particles that eventually float free to the surface of the tank where they are skimmed and decanted into a waste oil holding tank.

This is a low energy wash water treatment solution. Wash water simply flows through the system as oil is removed.

Solids accumulated at the tank's cone-shaped bottom are periodically purged either manually or with optional automatic controls.

Clarified liquid flows out by gravity or can be optionally pumped from the system's discharge port.

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