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Automatic Screen Reclaiming with the ARS system. Nothing compares with simplicity, speed and above all cost.

In 1980, Hydro Engineering, Inc. set the standard for screen reclaiming with the introduction of a 3,000 PSI Hydroblaster that could remove emulsion without damaging the screens and without chemicals. Screen printers immediately started saving money on labor, chemicals, and other related costs.

A side benefit emerged with high-pressure reclaiming, all of the contaminants (ink and emulsion) removed from the screen by high pressure came off the screens as solids. As solids these contaminants were easily removed from the waste stream by mechanical filtration methods while sending clarified water to the sanitary sewer or septic system.

High pressure chemical free reclaiming simplifies wash water filtration and recycling. This is crucial for printers that can't connect and discharge to a city sewer system. This process was first patented in 1989. It included use of a 3,000 PSI Hydroblaster along with a washout wash water collection booth and filtration equipment. It was allowed as a method patent for 'reclaiming silk screens'.

In 1994 a cooperative project between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Printing Association Nationwide completed a study that looked at risk, performance and cost as it applied to screen reclaiming. Hydro Engineering, Inc's chemical free screen reclaiming method was overwhelmingly successful in reducing risk and cost while enhancing performance.

Over the years the use of chemicals to increase screen reclaiming processing speeds and remove ink stains from the image areas gained greater acceptance. Chemicals and contaminants which enhance high pressure screen reclaiming and are required with low pressure reclaiming processes required more extensive wash water treatment tools. For owners unable to connect to a sanitary sewer without pre-treatment, enhancements to Hydrokleen filtration systems provided a solution.

Hydrokleen filtration now allows recycling or discharge of treated wash water that will meet sanitary sewer requirements. If you are on a septic system, talk with us about recycling screen reclaim systems.

Built specifically for screen printers; Hydroblaster high pressure washing systems, Hydrokleen filtration systems and Hydrobooth screen washout booths have been used in screen reclaiming ink and emulsion removal for over thirty years. Each system is designed to deliver the safety, reliability and performance that our customers have come to expect.

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