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Tactical Wash Racks

Hydro Engineering, Inc. tactical wash rack systems are portable, above ground wash racks designed to wash small to large vehicles and equipment, and to collect and recycle the wash water. This is equipment and does not require design, construction and in many cases permitting. Only water and power are required. In most cases, no sewer connection is required.

What makes up a Hydro Engineering, Inc. tactical wash system:

  1. Hydrosite custom built equipment enclosure; the Hydrosite is portable equipment built with factory installed cleaning and recycling equipment, heating, lighting and ventilation components, support subsystems and controls to perform effective wash/rinse decontamination.
  2. Hydroblaster wash equipment
  3. Hydrokleen water recycling equipment
  4. Hydropad above ground wash rack

All equipment installed within the Hydrosite is individually ETL certified to the appropriate UL, CE And CSA safety standards. The Hydrosite, as an entire system, is also ETL certified.

Hydro Engineering, Inc. tactical wash rack systems are on GSA schedule! Individually, all equipment within the tactical wash rack package are also on GSA schedule.

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