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Wash Water Containment Mat


Hydromat presents a swiftly deployable solution for capturing and containing wash water during decontamination and washing tasks. Crafted with top-tier materials including heavy-weight (35 ounce) fabric and vinyl coating, Hydromat boasts exceptional durability, rendering it highly resistant to tears and abrasions.

Featuring air berms equipped with a dual action hand pump for easy inflation, Hydromat ensures hassle-free setup. A surface-level fluid skimming pump strategically placed at a low point serves as the collection hub for fluids.

For enhanced resilience against abrasions, optional Hydromat Shield Strips can be aligned with vehicle tire tracks, bolstering the containment system's sturdiness when positioned both above and below Hydromat.

In operation, vehicles or equipment are driven onto Hydromat for washing and decontamination procedures. Collected wash water is efficiently pumped out of Hydromat either into a customer provided containment tank or directed to a Hydrokleen wash water recycling system.

After completing tasks, simply clean any dirt and debris from the Hydromat surface before rolling or folding it into a compact form for easy transport between jobs.

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Model Specifications

PDF2ZN154 Containment mat
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