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3 Compartment Above Ground Oil Water Separator


Hydrokleen HE/S1 is affordable, efficient, and effective. It is an easy to maintain, low energy oil water separator that is primarily focused on removing two major waste contributors in wash wash water oil and suspended solids. Wash water treatment using HE/S1 technology is often all that is required to meet wash water discharge requirements.

HE/S1 inflow is controlled automatically. A system ready signal is sent to an upstream delivery source when the system can accept wash water As wash water enters, it is directed vertically downward through a quiescent feed tube where fluid velocity is stabilized and slowed to promote particle separation from waste stream. When fluid exits quieting tube, flow is redirected vertically upward and into a second tank which provide additional solids settling and a large oil coalescing pack. Velocity reduction and flow reversal combine to maximize solids/liquid separation and solids settling.

As water ascends through coalescing pack, flow direction is continuously changed to ensure microscopic oil droplets contact and adhere to coalescing pack's surface and form larger droplets. These larger coalesced droplets then float to the surface where they are skimmed.

Skimmed oil is routed to a decanter where oil is further separated from wash water and gravity drained to a waste oil receptacle. Clarified liquid resides in a final chamber until it is discharged to a drain or subsequent treatment processes either by gravity or pump.

Solids that accumulate in base of cone bottom of tanks are removed by manually opening tank drain valves, or automatically with an optional timer controlled motorized ball valve drain system. These valves are plumbed into a common drain line to simplify drain connection.

A new optional circulation/aeration system is available for systems that use Biodigesters to control odors and for enhanced hydrocarbon and organic waste reduction. This option can be paired with an Automatic Dosing System (PN 3CO942) which regulates introduction of biodigesters and liquid formulated Hydro Biodigesters (PN HBD-6).

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