Pressure Washer Trailer Examples from Hydro Engineering, Inc.
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Hydroblaster Trailer Mounted Pressure Washers

Hydro Engineering Inc. has been selling trailer mounted pressure washers throughout the world since 1980. The systems are carefully designed and built using only the finest components.

Jim and Alan McCormick started designing and manufacturing pressure washers in the early 1970's because their building restoration and contract cleaning business, The Blasting Company, required reliable trailer mounted pressure washers. There were no industrial pressure washers capable of continuous duty operation at that time so they started building their own. Hydro Engineering, Inc. was born as a result of these early efforts.

The rotating images on this page provide a glimpse of some of the many trailer mounted Hydroblaster pressure washer designs offered for sale by Hydro Engineering, Inc.

Of particular interest note that all fluid tanks are securely fastened to metal frame members rather than wood decking and that lockable enclosures are typically provided to secure major components.

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