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UPRR Trailer

UPRR Custom Trailer Training Video from Hydro Engineering on Vimeo.



  • 1.0 Gasoline engine powered portable self-contained hot water high- pressure washer that is trailer mounted, with containment system.

  • 2.1 (C) Machine to be fully operational at time of delivery, all adjustments, inspections and any appropriate tools installed so it's work-ready.
  • 2.2 (C) Size of all systems (electrical, hydraulic or air) to be designed to operate all auxiliary components, without interfering with the basic functions of machine.

  • 3.1 (C) Machine to comply with all Safety, Emission, Federal and Industrial Regulations in force at the time of delivery.
  • 3.2 (C) Noise level must comply with OSHA Occupational Noise Exposure Standard 29 CFR Part 1910.95(b.1) Table G-16.
  • 3.3 (C) Equipped with a lockout/tagout device that will protect Union Pacific Railroad employees as prescribed by OSHA regulation 29 CFR 1910.147. This is to prevent the engine from starting, disable all power sources from a single point and accept a lockout tag.
  • 3.4 (C) Machine to be equipped with positive mechanical safety locks on all attachments which raise, lower or swing for locking in a safe position while traveling, servicing or repairing.
  • 3.5 (C) All safety locking pins/hooks to be designed and properly located. Aligned so operator can lock/unlock various component assemblies without having to place any part of his body in an unsafe position.
  • 3.6 (C) Equipped with battery post protective covers to guard against grounding and apply anti corrosive compound to battery terminals.
  • 3.7 (C) Equipped with a 10 lb size, rated 4-A: 40 BC or higher Multipurpose (ABC) Dry Chemical fire extinguisher complete with indicator fill cap, painted red and marked
  • 3.8 (C) Under NO circumstances shall machine operator, helper, or support crew be required to lift any object or component weighing over 50 lbs. (Under normal machine operations)
  • 3.9 (C) Gasoline tank must have a sealed, fire retardant filler cap.
  • 3.10(C) Guards or shields must be provided to protect operator and others from entanglement with working mechanism and/or flying objects.
  • 3.11(C) No asbestos compounds in any component areas including, but not limited to, brake bands, clutch bands, brake shoes, gasket material, etc.

  • 4.1 (M) Engine shut down system. (whatever equipment or engine manufacturer supplies with machine)
  • 4.2 (M) Electric start.
  • 4.3 (C) Low noise muffler (to meet OSHA requirements) spark arrestor and automatic open/close rain cap if vertically exhausted.
  • 4.4 (M) Full instrumentation, including a minimum of:
    1. Ammeter or Charging light
    2. Hour meter All gauges to be industrial, heavy duty & weatherproof type.
  • 4.5 (M) Air filter to be a heavy-duty dry-type cleaner with easy access.
  • 4.6 (C) Heavy-duty alternator with heavy-duty battery.
  • 4.7 (M) Engine that will meet all Federal and State regulations.

  • 5.1 (C) All electrical wiring and components must be properly routed, wires tagged or marked for troubleshooting purposes, utilizing hold-downs, protected from vibration, excessive wear due to abrasion, oil resistant, properly identified, and protected from elements (rain, snow, morning dew, etc.). Electrical cabinets to include a sign inside which indicates that the cabinet is not to be used for storage.

  • 6.1 (M) To be equipped with lockable:
    1. Fuel tank fill
    2. Battery box
    3. Tool box

  • 7.1 (M) Machine to be painted one solid color, proper surface preparation, including primer, is to be utilized to provide a high quality durable finish. Any paint applied to machine to be lead-free, no exceptions.
  • 7.2 (M) Gasoline fuel tanks must be painted red and plainly labeled "GASOLINE" and "CHECK DAILY".
  • 7.3 (M) Safety locks and appliances to be painted red.
  • 7.4 (M) All controls are to be labeled (such as and not limited to), foot pedals, switches, locking devices, etc and must be stated in English terminology. If international symbols are used, they must be properly and plainly described in English to ensure safety, proper start-up, operation and maintenance.
  • 7.5 (M) Identify and apply decals to pinch point areas.
  • 7.6 (M) Machine to be stenciled on both sides with 1" red figures; STOP ENGINE AND SECURE ALL UNIT LOCKING DEVICES WHEN:
    1. Adjusting
    2. Lubricating
    3. Fueling
    4. Making Repairs
  • 7.7 (M) Per FRA regulation 214.507 item (d) machines will have light weight displayed, stencil on both sides of the machines with 2" black figures, in a conspicuous location. Display as follows:
  • LT. WT. - (the weight) (i.e., LT. WT. - 10,000 LBS)
  • 7.8 (M) Stenciled on both sides with 4" black figures, representing Union Pacific Company number. Company number on purchase order. Note: Company number is to have a dash ("-") between letters and numbers. (i.e. "STC-1234")
  • 7.9 (M) Equipped with a laminated operations and lubrication / preventative maintenance guide properly sized so it can be easily read and mounted where readily accessible for the operator's use.
  • 7.10(M) Supplier to mark all components with the UPRR and Company Number by die stamping it with 3/8 inch letters and figures.

  • 8.1 (M) For each equipment type ordered, provide:
    1. One (2) each parts manuals
    2. One (2) each operators manuals
    3. One (2) Service manuals
  • 8.2 (M) Include the following in each machine being shipped:
    1. Two parts manuals
    2. Two operation manuals
    3. Two service manuals
    4. One training DVD
    5. Two sets of material safety data sheets (MSDS) for all lubricants and chemicals used.

  • 9.1 (M) Gasoline engine powered hot water high-pressure washer capable of discharging 5 gallons of water per minute at 3000 pounds per square inch pressure. Washer to be equipped with an automatic ignition, #2 diesel fueled burner with a 400,000 BTU rating. 50 foot of high-pressure hose, quick disconnects and adjustable PSI wand and nozzle to come standard.
  • 9.2 (M) Trailer to be tandem axle with a 2 5/16-inch ball type hitch and meets all safety, OSHA, DOT requirements and be highway ready. Trailer to have electric brakes, safety chains and a GVW rating to match attached equipment. Trailer to have front jackleg capable of holding weight of all equipment (with tanks full). With mounted spare trailer tire, secured to trailer with a lockable fixture. Trailer to be equipped with fenders to prevent wheels from spraying material. Guns, wands, nozzles and any item not already tied down must have a permanent stowage location to prevent them from falling off trailer during travel. Tongue weight full must not exceed 350 lbs. Overall trailer deck length not to exceed 20'.
  • 9.3 (M) Equipped with a 500-gallon oval water reservoir with a 3-inch ball type drain valve and a clean out access.
  • 9.4 (M) Equipped with a separate pumping system to apply soap from a 30- gallon tank that sprays 1 GPM at 90 psi. 50 foot of hose, gun, wand and nozzle to be included.
  • 9.5 (M) Equipped with two hose reels, one for the high-pressure washer hose and the other for the pre spray soap system.
  • 9.6 (M) Equipped with easy access waterproof compartment for storage of parts, operator, service manuals and UPRR maintenance log book.
  • 9.7 (M) Equipped with an antifreeze recirculation tank system that provides for simple winterization of the washer.
  • 9.8 (M) Equipped with a front mounted rock/splash guard capable of protecting the unit without interfering with rear vision.
  • 9.9 (M) Equipped with wastewater capture/collect/filter and recycle system. Minimum 30 feet of collection rubber mats that will cover the center and outside of the rails are to be provided. Must allow for solids to be shoveled for removal and for water to be pumped back to collection tank where wastewater will be filtered, oil will be separated to less than 100 PPM. Solids will be filtered to under 20 microns and the water will be pumped back to the 500-gallon water supply tank for re-use. Two 5-gallon buckets will be used for the waste (one for solids and one for waste oil). Buckets and water collection pads are to be mounted on trailer.
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