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Turbine Engine Wash System

The model 12/075TEWS-DST Turbine Engine Wash System is specifically designed to support large aircraft engine washing requirements. The system can be configured to sequentially wash up to four engines on a single aircraft with a single setup. Air and fluid lines are connected to all engines simultaneously. Each engine is washed and then rinsed sequentially to allow proper dwell time for gas path cleaner and rinsing.

The DST is completely self-contained with on board rinse water tank, gas path solution tank, compressed air system and diesel engine power source. All delivery hoses are reel mounted. Trailer can be configured with either flight line typical steerable axle or road version tandem axle trailer.

The system is factory set to support the following engines and (airframes):

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Available for purchase from Hydro Engineering, Inc. NSN 1730-01-592-2166, GSA Contract GS-07F-0217Y, Cage Code 64030.

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Aircraft corrosion is a multi-billion dollar problem. On some aircraft types, corrosion maintenance hours are know to outstrip flight hours. Download the white paper below for a comprehesive view of Hydro's unique solutions.

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