Pressure Washers for Screen Reclaiming | Case Study
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Pressure washer for Screen Printers

Industrial Pressure Washers, Hydroblasters

The right reclaiming equipment will save you time, chemicals and do the job right.

Large and small format screen printers use big guns in screen reclaiming! It was time for an upgrade. For over 30 years almost 700 screen printers have used Hydroblaster Models 43E and 325E to provide unmatched screen reclaiming results. These 2 work horses have been upgraded to Model 325ES and 43ES.

Safe, fast and efficient reclaiming while upgrading these products to meet requirements of UL1776 safety standards. Standard are still; soft trigger pull design to insure low initial water spray impact on screen and specially designed nozzles that insure no screen pin holing!

Cheap pressure washers can be expensive.

Our EI series Hydroblaster pressure washers for screen reclaiming are the most reliable in the industry. Our smallest washer, the 2/1000EI, weighs 75 lbs.

We have highly trained project managers that can provide you with detailed information to assist you in screen reclaiming.

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Model GPM (LPM) PSI (BAR) HP (kW)
PDF325ES 3 (11.4) 2500 (172) 5 (3.7)
PDF43ES 4 (15.4) 3000 (207) 7.5 (5.6)
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