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Pressure washer for Screen Printers

Industrial Pressure Washers, Hydroblasters

The right reclaiming equipment will save you time, chemicals and do the job right.

Large format screen printers use big guns in screen reclaiming!

Our Hydroblaster pressure washers, model 43E and 325E, are the safest, longest lasting screen reclaim pressure washers built. We have customers in the screen print business that have used the same machine for 25 years.

The Hydroblaster's heavy duty, high efficiency motors are built for industrial use and carry a two-year warranty. The industrial duty pumps used in our Hydroblasters carry a lifetime limited warranty.

Cheap pressure washers can be expensive.

Our EI series Hydroblaster pressure washers for screen reclaiming are the most reliable in the industry. Our smallest washer, the 2/1000EI, weighs 75 lbs.

We have highly trained project managers that can provide you with detailed information to assist you in screen reclaiming.

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PDF325E 3 11.4 2500 172
PDF43E 4 15.4 3000 207
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This pressure washer we have had for 19 years has been very dependable

"It has been used anywhere from 3 - 5 days a week reclaiming screens for our screen printing business."

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Hydroblaster Pressure Washers Outlast All Others

"Our first Hydroblaster lasted longer than the 4 other pressure washers we bought combined."

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Recycling For 3 Years and Working Great

"After 3 years, it still works great, It rocks and rolls as long as you keep up the maintenance."

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We have been able to clean screens 500% better than any other process

"We had a payback on our equipment purchase of a 43E and CMAFU-1 in 18 months with chemical savings alone."

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It's an investment in your company and like anything else it pays to get the best

"On an average we strip anywhere from a low of 24 screens to 100 and up a day."

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Over Double The Screen Production in 25% Less Time

"This machine is everything I wanted it to be, it is great!"

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