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Automatic Screen Reclaiming

In 1980, Hydro Engineering, Inc. set the standard for screen reclaiming with the introduction of a patented method using a specially designed Hydroblaster operating at 3000 PSI to remove ink and emulsion without damaging the screens and without chemicals. Screen printers immediately started saving money on labor, chemicals, and other related costs.

Now, we are offering a way to automate the cleaning process and get the wash gun out of your employee's hands.

The ARS Roll-Over System; Just like the automatic roll-over car wash where you drive in and park and let the car wash do the work, the ARS roll-over screen washing system cleans the stationary screens by passing the cleaning head over them. Both sides of the screen are cleaned simultaneously. Safe, simple, with consistent results, and best of all, the ARS takes the pressure washer gun from your employee's hands.

The ARS-1 Conveyor Reclaim System; The ARS-1 conveyor allows you to run one screen after another, making automatic reclaiming even faster. The ARS-1 cleans both sides simultaneously. The conveyor may be extended and modules added for chemical application, rinsing and drying the screens.

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