Equipment Wash Rack For Cold Weather Installations
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Equipment Wash Rack For Cold Weather Installations

Start to Finish with Hydropad Portable Wash Rack and the Labor Saving Automatic Undercarriage and Wheel Wash System (AUWS)

Regular cleaning is essential for proper use, maintenance, and service of heavy equipment and vehicles. Hydro Engineering's Automatic Undercarriage Wash System (AUWS) coupled with Hydropad portable wash rack arrays provide a cost effective solution that implements quickly.

When an AUWS is integrated with a Hydropad portable wash rack array, the difficult task of cleaning heavy mud and dirt from sides and undercarriage of vehicles and machinery is easy. With optional spray arches, the AUWS will wash the entire vehicle in a single pass. This drive over system is fully automatic and self-cleaning. Wash water and solids flow through the grated surface of the AUWS or collect on Hydropads portable wash racks and are returned through patented side gutter to the AUWS. The integral AUWS drag conveyor removes solids for disposal and the clarified wash water is recycled to the wash process. The extended Hydropad portable wash rack array at the AUWS exit provides a work surface for personnel performing inspection, fresh water rinsing or detail cleaning operations.

Modular components allow flexibility in system design. Factory support with drawings that detail site grade, electrical, plumbing and equipment layout details along with installation supervision and on-site training and service insures a functioning system that meets wash rack requirements.

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