Automatic drive-through car wash on steel wash pads
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Automatic Drive Thru Car Wash

If you need to wash a lot of vehicles in a limited space and don't want to infringe on existing operations or invest in a construction project we may have just the solution.

The wash rack mounted automatic drive-through car wash is a unique solution from Hydro Engineering. We partner with the best automatic car wash manufacturers and then integrate the car wash equipment with our wash rack water capture platform and wash water recycle systems to provide an equipment package that ensures superior wash results and equipment reliability.

Hydropads with walls are arrayed on existing floors to make an above ground wash bay that can be placed inside an existing building with minimal construction. No costly in-ground trench drains or sumps are required; only power, water and sewer utility connections.

A Hydropad based wash rack mounted automatic car wash and wash water recycling package provides an excellent solution for your vehicle washing requirements.

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