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Aircraft Washing Equipment

Proudly Served by Hydro Engineering, Inc. Since 1980

In the early 1980's, Hydro Engineering, Inc. began designing, manufacturing and supplying aircraft washing equipment to the US military, commercial and private carriers. Hydro Engineering Inc. has become the leading supplier for aircraft exterior pressure washers, high volume clear water rinse systems, foam sprayers, chemical mix systems, corrosion control equipment and wash water filtration.

Hangar modifications and new hangar construction benefit from aircraft washing and wash water filtration systems where pressure washing equipment is located in equipment rooms with controls and wash tools placed in convenient locations inside hangar. When space for equipment isn't available, Hydro Engineering's Hydrosite portable equipment enclosure provides a simple containerized solution with all equipment including plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning engineered, built and factory tested. Supplied ready to be placed, connected to utilities completely eliminating typical contractor installation requirements.

The TEWS turbine engine wash system was designed and deployed in the late 1980's for use on the Apache helicopter. Over the years the system was modified and extended to accommodate a wide variety of turbine engines. The TEWS-C is recognized today, throughout the world, as the industry leader in turbine engine compressor and hot section wash systems.

Airport ground support equipment requires regular pressure washing as a standard maintenance procedure. A wide variety of pressure washers, wash water filtration and recycling systems along with portable wash racks from Hydro Engineering Inc. fill this requirement.

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