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Instant Car Wash™

These were design requirements that lead to the groundbreaking design of Hydro Engineering, Inc's. Instant Car Wash (ICW)™.

The ICW includes a wash water filtration system and a Hydroblaster high pressure cleaning system. The filtration system includes a media filter that removes solids and uses Hydro Engineering Biodigesters to eliminate biodegradable contaminates like oil, bugs, detergents and to control pathogens.

Recycled water is used by both the Hydroblaster and a microfiber soft bristle brush to wash the car followed by a fresh water rinse. The ICW is paired with a Hydropad wash rack platform that captures the wash water so that it can be returned to the ICW for reuse.

Using the microfiber brush to release the road film from the vehicle eliminates the need for cleaning chemicals. As a result, the amount of rinse water required is very small which can virtually eliminate discharge water.

The ICW can be used with cleaning chemicals but the chemicals accumulate in the recycling system and can cause foaming. Biodigesters consume cleaning chemicals and help control the foaming issues but additional rinse water is required which typically requires a sewer connection.

Here's how it works:

The system is provided with three wash tools; a Hydroblaster, soft touch wash brush and the rinse wand.

  1. The Hydroblaster pressure washer is activated by pulling the trigger on the wash wand. Wash the vehicle with recycled water to remove accumulated dirt and debris.
  2. Open the recycled water flow control valve on the brush wand and use the microfiber brush to sweep road film from entire vehicle surface.
  3. Use the trigger controlled rinse wand using fresh or even better DI or RO spot free water to rinse the vehicle.
  4. Use blower, water blade, or towels to dry vehicle.

The system requires power and water and can be operated without a sewer connection. No construction is required.

Read the Instant Car Wash White Paper

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