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A Hydrokleen water filtration system will reduce car wash water usage by at least 60-70%. These systems have been successfully used to completely eliminate a sewer connection requirement. This capability can be essential when permits are required for new construction. As fresh water and water discharge costs continue to rise, installing a Hydrokleen wash water filtration system into an existing car wash can really pay off.

Hydrokleen wash water filtration systems will eliminate pathogens, control odors and consume organics, including oil, grease, soap and organic waxes in recycled wash water. This is especially important in self-serve applications where it is difficult to control waste material that can enter collection sumps.

Recently, municipalities have required car wash operators to stop operations during periods of drought. This issue can be resolved by installing a Hydrokleen wash water filtration system. Once installed, use of fresh water is reduced. It is simple to demonstrate that a properly equipped car wash can wash a vehicle using less water than an automobile owner can hand wash a car. In addition, the car wash captures wash water for responsible treatment before reuse or disposal to sewer. This eliminates storm drain and ground water contamination concerns associated with individuals washing their own vehicles.

Progressive municipalities are beginning to offer existing car wash operators cost sharing incentives to update facilities with wash water filtration and recycling systems. Typically, a minimum 50% reduction in water consumption is required to qualify for cost sharing programs.

An excellent solution if car wash system is producing water for spot free rinse, is to make water used for generating spot free water the only fresh water allowed into the wash. All other washing operations can be performed with properly filtered and treated recycled water.

Whether you currently operate or want to construct a self-serve, friction or touchless automatic or tunnel car wash, we can supply a Hydrokleen wash water filtration and recycling system that will meet your needs. Systems can be custom designed to integrate into space limited equipment rooms, can tolerate little in-ground water collection and storage, and will utilize existing collection and drainage systems to minimize construction cost and car wash downtime.

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