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Machine Tool Coolant Cleaning

The CMAFU-2 filtration unit will filter solids from coolant in all types of cutting and grinding machines. Coolant is delivered to the CMAFU-2 by a pump and agitator installed in the machine tool sump. The CMAFU-2 is typically provided with 100 yard rolls of 5 microns nominal filter paper although filter paper with pore sizes between 1 and 70 micron ratings are available. The paper is automatically replenished as necessary and there are no cartridges to change. The filtered coolant is pumped back to the sump.

When using water based coolant add Hydro Biodigesters and a small programmable dosing system (PN: 3CO942) at each machine to control organics and bacteria. Biodigesters eliminate tramp oil and organics that support the naturally occurring bacteria that not only create unpleasant odors but can also foul pumps and lines. Hydro Biodigesters eliminate the need for disinfectants that are irritating to skin and difficult for personnel to handle. This is a simple low maintenance solution.

Filtering coolant to remove solids and treating coolant to remove tramp oil saves money:

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