HydroScrubber Floor Cleaning and Recovery System



Hydroscrubber, Floor Cleaner With Vacuum Recovery Turns Your Pressure Washer Into A Monster Floor Cleaning Machine


Now, an afforable floor cleaner and vacuum recovery system that connects to your existing pressure washer.

With the Hydroscrubber you can clean far better and faster cleaning more square feet in less time than ever before. Its dual rotating nozzle design makes multiple passes over the surface each second, cleaning deep into the surface. Dirt, oil and grease is lifted from the surface by the powerful vacuum action of the recovery system built into the Hydroscrubber.

The vacuum recovery power unit uses only 110 volts at 20 amps and provides 250 CFM air flow at an incredible 90 inches of vacuum. When done the floor is virtually dry speeding cleanup time dramatically.

The unique design lets you wash, collect and pump the collected water to a drain or disposal site, all at the same time!

Vacuum Recovery W/Auto Pump Out

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