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Turf and Landscape Equipment Wash Racks

Finally a turf and landscape equipment wash rack that eliminates clogged sumps and drain lines with the unique in gutter flip screen filtration option.

Hydropad above ground wash racks provide a great solution for equipment washing. Approach and departure ramps make access simple. Perimeter walls help control overspray and insure that wash water and debris enters the side gutter. Flip screen side gutter inserts filter and dewater solids in the wash water stream. Wash water is treated and recycled for reuse in the wash process.

The wash rack is easy to deploy and easy to move. Follow the supplied instructions to slope the ground surface, place the Hydropads directly on the ground and bolt the wash rack together. Connect water and power and run a few PVC lines. A complete system can be set up in less than a day and provides the wash, collect and recycling tools for all your turf and landscape equipment washing requirements.

Hydropad above ground wash racks provide flexibility when and where washing is required and they restrict wash operations which help meet waste control environmental goals and present a better image.

Equipment is made in the USA. It conforms to CE requirements and has been ETL certified to meet UL and CSA standards.

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