Electric Motor, Cold Water Pressure Washer
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Electric Motor, Cold Water Pressure Washer

ES Series

The ES compact space saving pressure washer family features only premium components built to exacting standard that produce the best heavy duty electric motor driven pressure washers available. These systems are rated for continuous operation. All ES Hydroblaster are standard with trigger activated start and system shut down timer that will automatically shut system off after a set non-use period.

The ES series can be configured to operate on any available power supply around the world. Various optional controls and wash tools extend the systems suitability to a wide array of applications.

Key Features:

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Model GPM (LPM) PSI (BAR) HP (kW)
PDF325ES 3 (11.4) 2500 (172) 5 (3.7)
PDF43ES 4 (15.4) 3000 (207) 7.5 (5.6)
PDF2/1000ES 2 (8.3) 1000 (69) 1.5 (1.1)
PDF2/1500ES 2 (8.3) 1500 (103) 2 (1.5)
PDF4/2000ES 4 (15.4) 2000 (138) 5 (3.7)
PDF4/3000ES 4 (15.4) 3000 (207) 7.5 (5.6)
PDF5/3000ES 5 (18.9) 3000 (207) 10 (7.46)

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