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Portable Foaming Soap System

Portable or Wall Mounted Systems

Hydrofoamer is available in a wide variety of configurations. During testing at Union Pacific Railroad the Hydrofoamer was determined to be easy and safe to use while reducing soap consumption by up to 50%. When used to apply foam bactericides, the extended surface dwell time of the foam substantially increases the efficacy and reduces the amount of chemical product required

The portable version of the 2BC802 Foaming Application System is a compact, self-contained tool for application of liquid or foam solutions to surfaces. It includes a 30-gallon on-board solution tank, portable frame with 8" casters, dual hose spring rewind hose reel (solution and air), control box with integral pump and solution mix controls, mixing chamber, discharge control gun, wand and nozzle. Operation requires a 4-6 CFM compressed air supply at 80-150 PSI.

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  1. Wall mountings
  2. Self retract hose reel
  3. Adjustable spray nozzle


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