Review: Pasco County Loves Their New Hydroblaster
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They Have Exceeded Our Expectations

Pasco County, Florida's Public Transportation recently acquired two of Hydro Engineering, Inc's versatile and trailer mounted 5/5000GOVS-TS225 Hydroblaster system.

According to their Transportation Operations Manager, Joe DeGeorge, They are currently using this system to wash their entire public transportation fleet to reduce maintenance costs and keep the fleet in immaculate condition.

Pasco County Transportation Department

Dear Randy

We have had our power washers in use for a few months. Like I have said in the past, they have exceeded our expectations. The overall workmanship that went into making these units is second to none. I would recommend this product to everyone interested in this type of equipment.

The ease of operation and the power these units have to offer is exactly what I have been looking for. With the variety of this type of product on the market, I am quite satisfied with the decision to purchase from Hydro Engineering, Inc.

Joe DeGeorge

Transportation Operations Manager

Pasco County Public Transportation

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