Review: Why Buy Any Other Brand?
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No Reason To Buy Any Other Brand

The Proud Owners With their Hydroblasters

Chuck Smith, Town Of Diamondville, Wyoming says:

"In 1984 we purchased our first Hydroblaster trailer unit (shown at right with us in front of it) and I've got to say it's lasted pretty well. The old girl has just turned 18 and still runs great! Granted we're good mechanics, but… if you have junk equipment to start with no matter how good of a mechanic you are you won't keep it running.

The guys at Hydro Engineering build the best pressure washing equipment we have ever seen. So good in fact, we have just doubled our pressure washer trailer fleet with the purchase of our second Hydroblaster. (Shown at right in the foreground). I'm sure this one will be just as good. I would recommend their washers to anyone!"

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