Review: Rick Mills' Hydroblaster Trailer
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My Hydroblaster is excellent, it's has been a major player in the success of my business

Rick Mills, Owner Seven Southern County Environmental Steam Clean

Here are some excerpts from a recent conversation with Rick on his six month old Hydroblaster pressure washer, hot water, trailer system

"I am calling to give you a six month performance review of my Hydroblaster that I purchased ground the middle of May of '04. As you are aware I've been doing quite well with it, I've landed a contract with a very large Construction company. It is such a good contract that I'm able to do pressure washing full time, as a business. I think the first thing I want to start with, the looks of the machine, an excellent looking machine, very professional, I constantly have comments on the machine.

Right there, that enhances the credibility of my business and also Hydroblaster.

As I tow the Hydroblaster down the freeway it tows wonderfully. It tracks right behind the truck, we don't need to talk about how much I am going over the speed limit, but virtually there is not a reason to slow down, I can go just about as fast as I feel I need to, and the trailer is safely and securely behind the truck. Also when the trailer is full of water, again the drivability is no problem with the electric brakes, the thing stops gently and not abrupt at all, so it's a nice rig even when it's loaded. When I arrive at the job site the set up of the Hydroblaster is very simple, if I am running off the tank or if I am running off the city water the set up is real easy. Starting is no problem; virtually we've had no problem with any of the starting procedures of the Hydroblaster. Again haven't had any problems with the Hydroblaster, this is a 5/3000 model, burner works well, The actual periodic maintenance is half a breeze; everything is easy to get to. the ease of operation it's easy to service, it's easy to maintain, it's easy to inspect, so virtually the six month performance review of the Hydroblaster that I purchased, is… everything is working very well.

The over all review of the Hydroblaster is excellent, and it has not left me stranded and it has been a major player in the success of my business. Looking forward to having about a fleet of ten of these Hydroblasters.

Your performance review is an A."

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