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Joe Miller, Owner of Action Graphics, Inc. in Louisville KY

Joe Miller, owner of Action Graphics, Inc. in Louisville KY, former Board of Directors of Health and Safety, and Chairman of the Environmental Committee for SGIA says:

"I started screen printing in 1959, and since using the 3000 PSI Hydroblaster in 1991 we have been able to clean screens 500% better than any other process we have used in all my years of printing. We had a payback on our equipment purchase of a 43E and CMAFU-1 in 18 months with chemical savings alone.

Our shop is where the SGIA and the EPA did the original testing for the DFE study proving the 3000 PSI cleaning process. Out of the 5 shops studied, our screens were the cleanest. Our reclaiming personnel looked like a space man in all of the protective wear we had to use before the Hydroblaster. Now, all we have to use according to OSHA are goggles and ear plugs. We have nothing larger than 4 microns solids going to the sewer using the Hydrokleen filtration system.

Through the years, we have had 10 different companies in our facility to learn about our process of cleaning screens, feel free to call me if you want to learn how to clean screens better. (502) 587-8750"

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