Review: My Hydrokleen System Runs Great
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I Have No Worries About Reclaim Water

Recycled Water From March 2001 to November 2003

Patrick Dowler-Owner, Artees Island Designs, LLC Cape Cod, Mass.

The 2002 Gold Medal Winner of the SGIA Golden Image Award for Printing Quality and Excellence Says:

"My Hydrokleen wastewater recycling system runs great, all I do is the required upkeep. I have had no worries, I'm the owner and I understand the maintenance of the system, without it I couldn't be in business here, because we are in a water protection area. I have used the same water in my reclaiming system (CMAFU, Bioreactor and ACF3) for 15 months and the water looks great!

In fact I took a sample of the water from my system to the last local BNI business owners meeting to use as a topic of discussion and the people were amazed at the quality of the water, It was in a spring water bottle and it was clear. Recently, the board of health came by and I passed... no problem."

October 15th, 2002, Update

My Water After 33 Months

Patrick reports that the water in his system is just as clear today as it was when he started in March of 2001. His recycled water is used daily in emulsion washout, reclaiming and degreasing and he's never hauled off water or changed it out. The system is operating flawlessly; doesn't stink and maintenance is almost zero!

The city water department is blown away because his water bill is only $18.00. They could not believe it so they tested the water meter twice to verify its accuracy.

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