Review: Hydro Engineering Wash Bay
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Hydro Engineering Wash Bay

"We have been using the hydropad for almost 3 months now with varying degrees of success initially. Wash times are quick (5-10 min depending on condition of vehicle), the process itself is easily completed and the results are good.

Since our team was one of the first to use this system, we had to go through a lot of testing and trial by error. Now that we have had time to test and dial it in, results have improved drastically. We are able to use it quickly and confidently for every vehicle both in service and delivery. It does not appear to scratch painted surfaces and is able to remove any/all dirt from our vehicles. It is much faster than washing vehicles conventionally and the reduction in waste water and use of chemicals is a very nice bonus.

I was skeptical at first but the results have definitely impressed."

Automotive Factory Service Manager

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