Review: Hydro Recycling Works
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Hydro Engineering Water Filtration and Recycling Systems Work!

Total Recycle - Clean Water And No Stink!

Bill Kleman of Scott Machinery Co. SLC, UT says:

"We purchased our first wash water filtration system from Hydro Engineering Inc in 1995. They assisted us with our wash pad design and installed the equipment. We are discharging to the local sewer department and have never been out of compliance. That same year we purchased another system from Hydro and installed it in our Cedar City, Utah location.

Both systems worked so well that when we built our new Bobcat facility in 1999, we purchased another entire package from Hydro Engineering. Only this time we had no sewer and were forced to recycle our wastewater. Our Bobcat facility wash pad is designed for zero discharge and recycles 100% of the wash water. Hydro Engineering products have been simple and cost effective to use!"

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