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Instant Car Wash™ System

Like most car dealers Folsom Lake Toyota is pressed for space. Jeff came upon us and together we solved his problem.

Here's what he has to say:

"I'm Jeff Hill, the Parts and Service Director at Folsom Lake Toyota in Folsom, California. Like many car dealers we found it hard to wash our cars and meet the rules imposed by the EPA's Clean Water Act. Like any environmentally aware business in California we want to comply with every aspect of the EPA laws and searching for an answer to our problem led us to Hydro Engineering Inc. The portable car wash system they build suits our needs perfectly. The concept is simple; pull your car or truck onto the Hydropads, wash it, rinse it off and you are done. It only takes 5 minutes to completely wash a car with this system. The two swiveling booms hold the washing brush and rinsing gun hoses just like a self serve car wash."
"Implementation was also easy, it's all turn key. We put the electric power and water where the system was to be installed and Hydro Engineering did the rest. On the day of delivery the Hydro Technicians showed up, set the pad system in place and connected them together. The integrated washing and recycling system (the blue box) was placed somewhere close to the Hydropads. Once the interconnections between the pads and recycling system were made, we were washing cars within 24 hours. It was easy, no construction or permitting."

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