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Eight Bay, Hand Held Car Wash on Total Reclaim

Grand opening 2007

Not many people have every tried to reclaim wash water in hand held car washes and as far as we know, nobody has ever done it without an outflow point. That's right, no sewer, no septic tank.

Bob Fuhr says:

"They wanted to charge me $100,000.00 for a sewer connection. I said I don't need a sewer connection, I'm buying a reclaim system.

I don't have a sewer bill each month. My water bill is only $80.00 per month. My reclaim water has no odor and I've never had a customer complaint? My Customers love the clean water. I encourage my customers to wash their engines!"

Carriage Review from Hydro Engineering on Vimeo.

Hydro Engineering is a great company for servicing

February 21st, 2018

Steve Dagostini of Winchester Auto Spa in Murrieta, California says:


My name's Steve, and I'm the owner of Winchester Auto Spa. It's an eight-bay, self-serve car wash located in Murrieta, California. We have a pretty busy carwash here. We're 100% recycled water. The water system is made by Hydro Engineering, a very good company. The building is 11 years old, and I've owned it for 7 years. We wash all types of cars, trucks, landscape vehicles, motorcycles, and engines. The water system here is 100% recyclable and we've had no problems with it. Hydro Engineering is a great company for servicing; if you have problems, they come out and do a monthly maintenance program. I haven't had any problems at all with it, so I highly recommend them."

Winchester Review from Hydro Engineering on Vimeo.

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