Review: Biodigesters Eliminate Odors
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Biodigesters Have Eliminated Odor From Our Wash Bay

Bill Kleman of Scott Machinery Co. SLC, UT says:

"In 1999, with the installation of our first zero discharge (recycling) wash pad, we incorporated Hydro Engineering Inc's Biodigesters into our wastewater treatment system. One of the major problems with recycling systems is smell and the Biodigesters have eliminated the stink, they have provided a smell free system for 3 years.

Some added benefits to using this product are that oils and organics are consumed throughout the entire system. Our pit sludge has no oils or grease and we can dispose of it without hazardous hauling or disposal charges. The bugs eat our oil coalescing plates clean eliminating periodic maintenance (cleaning) of them. Our sumps and pipes remain oil free and our filters in the Hydrokleen recycling system require less maintenance.

We're glad we found Biodigesters."

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