Review: ARS Screen Print
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Over Double The Screen Production in 25% Less Time

Compact and Powerful

Lynn Ryan of Ryan Screen Supply Inc says:

"We had Hydro build us an Automatic Reclaiming System (ARS) for degreasing the CD size screens wemanufacture. This machine is everything I wanted it to be, it is great! We have instantly noticed a difference in the quality of our coated screens. Our clean room is 1000% clean, and with this automatic machine we are seeing an improvement in our screens. Our screens are absolutely perfect, every time. This machine is awesome!

They have always dried their screens in a drying cabinet after degreasing, prior to coating. The ARS has eliminated the step of using the drying cabinet prior to coating. Now we are able to pull screens directly from the ARS and immediately coat them. The screens are dry, the screens are absolutely perfect!

We were manually producing 9-12 racks of screens in an 8 hour day, now we are able to do 21 racks in 6 hours. The ARS has allowed us to cut our staff by one person and will end up saving us two people. This machine is absolutely awesome!

I can already see this machine will work for all sizes of screens and all types of printers."

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