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Recycled Wastewater Safety

Protect Your Employees From Pathogens in Recycled Water

Many governmental agencies are presently concerned about the use of recycled wash water and wastewater discharged by pre-treatment systems, in particular microbiological contaminants such as Coliform / E. coli concentrations.

Unlike our Hydrokleen waste water treatment systems, some competitors specify Ozone, Chlorine and Hydrogen Peroxide in an attempt to control this harmful bacterium.

PDFPathogen Control for Wastewater Safety

The US Army Corps of Engineers evaluated and performed wastewater tests on two such systems, the results can be viewed on pages (45 & 49) at the link(below) they show pathogene amounts up to 170 times the legal limit

PDFUS Army Corps of Engineers Wastewater Pathogen Study

Federal laws in place govern the maximum amounts of these contaminants allowed in the discharge of wastewater: 33CFR-159 and 40CFR-140 outline these limitations.

Black water- discharge to open water:
<200 per 100/MIL

Bathing waters- where full body contact is possible as in swimming:
<400 per 100/MIL

Secondary contact- as in wading or partial body contact:
<5000 per 100/MIL

The World Health Organization has also adopted limitation standards that are more broad reaching and described as:

Irrigation water that will contact crops to be eaten and/or used as irrigation water on sports fields where persons may come in contact:
<1,000 per 100/MIL

These limitations should be used in determining the safety of recycled water due to contact by the operator of such washing water.  Hydrokleen systems using our Biodigesters odor control treatment have been tested to be free of microbiological contaminants.

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