Portable Oil Transfer Cart
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Oil Transfer Cart

Portable Oil Transfer Cart system, model 19323P, features a pneumatic oil transfer pump that is compatible with a wide variety of fluids. The on board 30 gallon holding tank is filled via a large 9" diameter fill port. The system is transported to the destination, connected to compressed air and the product is dispensed.

System includes a 30 gallon fluid holding tank, control panel with air regulator that allows operator to control oil transfer pump speed, discharge fluid hose, optional discharge filter with replaceable cartridge, hose storage rack with discharge seal to prevent contamination, and forklift slots that allow motorized transport.

System is compatible with journal, diesel or air compressor oil. Compressed air is required to power the air operated oil transfer pump.

Stability of the oil transfer cart is assured by large 8" diameter lockable casters. This eliminates concerns about spilling contents and makes it safe and simple to move.

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PDFOil Transfer Cart
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