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Airframe Corrosion Control

For almost four decades, Hydro Engineering Inc. has taken the lead in design, production, supply and after sales support of aircraft washing and corrosion control equipment. Our Hydroblaster pressure washers are safe, simple, continuous duty tools. Hydrokleen water filtration systems may be added to any aircraft washing and corrosion control application. They are designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. Sewer discharge requirements can be met, or with the flip of a switch, Hydrokleen water filtration systems will fully recycle captured wash water for reuse. A final high volume clear water rinse can be added to washing applications.

Reasons for aircraft washing and corrosion control:

Regardless of advancements in metals and coatings, effective pressure washing and clear water rinse remains the most beneficial action for corrosion prevention.

Hydro Engineering, Inc. pressure washing and wash water filtration equipment will not only optimize aircraft cleaning performance but can reduce man hours spent by 60%, reduce water consumption by more than 90% and lower cleaning compound usage by about 75%. Better results, faster aircraft washing and save money too.

Hydro Engineering, Inc. is certified to ISO 9001:2015. Our equipment is ETL certified to UL, CE and CSA standards.

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