Golf Course and Turf Equipment Instant Wash Rack Systems


Portable Wash Rack Systems That Set Up Fast

Golf courses have many unique problems in constructing a government-approved wash rack. This can be very time-consuming and complicated. The Hydropad portable wash rack system addresses these challenges. Imagine getting a wash rack completed fast that does not require any of the following:

This wash pad is not a grated surface causing dirt and grass to drop through where it’s hard to remove. Our PATENTED Portable Wash Rack system sheds all water and debris to a side gutter where it is easily removed. Only the Hydropad can make this claim. No more clogged sumps!

All types of golf course and turf care equipment can be washed quickly and environmentally friendly with our washing and wastewater recycling systems. Our Bio-Mechanical approach to water reclamation removes pesticides and chloroform found in wastewater from cleaning lawn maintenance equipment.

"Our long-range plan is to move the wash pad--this system enables us to do that"
Brian Murray, Superintendent, Wexford Plantation, Hilton Head Island, SC


USGA Article on Wash Rack Blues

Portable Wash Rack System


Hydropad Portable Wash Rack Benefits

  • Architects
  • Engineering
  • Permitting
  • Demolition
  • Excavation and hauling
  • Underground pits, plumbing and containment
  • Construction of trenches and catch basins
  • Construction delays
  • Then the realization that you have put it in the wrong place

The Components Are Simple


a patented Hydropad portable wash rack which catches the water, a Bio-mechanical waste water recycling system and Hydroblaster pressure washer.

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Select a Site for Your New Wash Rack


Any firm flat surface can handle the Hydropad turf care equipment wash rack. All you need is electric power and a freshwater source. Connections are simple.


Choose a Hydropad System to Fit

Hydropads are modular and connected together they will create any size wash pad. Just use the dimensions of your largest piece of equipment and allow space all around. This pad system is 24 feet long and 14 feet wide. Hydropads come in 8, 10, 12, 14 & 20’ wide x 8’ long. Our lightest weight pad will hold 6,000 pounds per square foot…even your largest piece of turf equipment is no problem!  

Shelter Can Be Added

To eliminate rain from entering the system and provide shade for your workers a canopy can be added. In this case both the Hydropad portable wash rack, Hydrokleen wastewater recycling and Hydroblaster washing systems are all located within the enclosure.  

Drive In One Side And Off The Other

If you have the space, ramps can be placed on each end allowing drive on drive off access. Our Project Managers are experts at assisting you to determine what configuration of Instant Wash Rack is just right for you.  

Hydro Engineering Inc. Installs Environmentally Green Turf Equipment Wash Rack

Hydro Engineering Inc. has successfully installed another green environmentally friendly turf equipment wash rack. Included with this installation was our patented Hydropad above ground wash rack with Hydrokleen water filtration and a Hydroblaster pressure washer.

he 14' wide X 40' long Hydropad wash rack allows for multiple pieces of turf equipment to be washed at once. The drive thru design means that as turf equipment comes onto the wash rack, it is washed, driven off the Hydropad and more equipment comes right in behind allowing for constant flow of equipment thru the Hydropad. All wash water and contaminates are collected and then processed thru Hydrokleen recycling equipment that then recycles the wash water back into the wash process. Nothing is waste. Everything is captured and recycled in this green turf wash rack.