Hydro Engineering, Inc. above ground wash racks, pressure washers, portable wash pads, wastewater filtration recycling, car wash reclaim and custom cleaning systems

Wash Rack Systems
For Equipment and Vehicles

Hydro Engineering Inc.

Will design and assist with implementation of your Instant Wash Rack System

  • Our systems are not a construction project

  • Permitting is not required in most cases, this is equipment

  • Set up and training is fast

  • Meets Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPS)

  • Recycle 100% of all wash water collected



Let us help you optimize your vehicle and equipment wash rack system

With products to choose from that include; Hydroblaster pressure washers, Hydrokleen water filtration & recycling systems and Hydropad portable & permanent wash pads, we can help you!

AIS Decontamination Systems For Watercraft

New Hydro Engineering Inc. Car Wash Reclaim System Provides Zero Discharge, Recycles All Collected Water

Hydro Engineering Inc. has developed a new car wash reclaim system that recycles 100 percent of all collected wash water. The only fresh water required in the wash application is the final, clear-water rinse. The spot-free final rinse removes all evidence of recycled water from the vehicle. The Hydrokleen car wash reclaim system combines both biological filtration and mechanical filtration, which provides superior water quality while reducing maintenance requirements. It does not require large, in-ground water storage tanks to operate. Furthermore, when designed into a new facility, the elimination of ground pits can be a substantial money-saving opportunity.



Defense Logisitcs Agency (DLA) Awards Hydro Engineering Inc A Best Suppliers Award

Hydro Engineering Inc was 1 of 179 companies out of over 6000 to achieve the exemplary level of contract performance supplying quality products to our men and women in our armed forces.


Our Largest Portable Wash Rack System, So Far...

Hydro Engineering, the Inventors of the Above Ground Portable Wash Pad, has created the largest portable wash rack system ever built. This behemoth can support 15,000 pounds per square foot and can be expanded to hold any size piece of equipment. The Hydropad is unique in that it has the world's only side gutter collection system. This allows all water, dirt, oil and debris to freely flow to its Patented Side Gutter where they are removed and water is recycled for reuse.


Coupled with the finest washing systems ever built this Portable Wash Rack System can be used to wash almost anything. Contact us to discuss your needs today!


New Products


ADWS-TT Aircraft Deluge Wash System, Tandem Trailer

The ADWS-TT is the Aircraft Deluge (wash/rinse) system designed to meet the requests of our Aircraft Maintenance customers. This self contained, towable, aircraft washing system brings corrosion control to the aircraft, anywhere in the world.


ATAWS Advanced Total Aircraft Wash System

The ATAWS (Advanced Total Aircraft Wash System) is the complete integration of Hydro Engineering's AWS, Aircraft Wash System and TEWS, Turbine Engine Wash System.


The World's First Instantly Deployable Large Aircraft Washing System.

Roll this highly specialized unit out onto the parking ramp, set it up in less than an hour, and you're washing.
To make this even more unique it recycles 100% of the collected water for reuse.

  • Wash

  • Collect

  • Recycle

When you don't have a wash rack readily available just call the people who can solve the problem.


Introducing the Instant Car Wash System

Many car dealers and rental companies don't have a good way to wash their vehicles quickly and conveniently. This complete "Turnkey" package solves the problem.
The system can be installed in just hours.  Its wash pad and wash/recycling cabinet are all you need.

Together these units make up the entire package. That's right, no complicated and expensive equipment in this EPA-compliant package. Set it down, hook it up and you're washing! 



Products For Government


Portable Indoor Wash Rack

Need an indoor wash rack for washing any type of equipment? 

The Hydro Engineering Portable Wash Rack System Is The Answer

A complete turnkey system is installed by factory personnel quickly. 


Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)


Who is affected?
Roads, Parks and Recreation departments nationwide are all faced with SWPPP issues and with tight budgets a fast economical way to come into compliance must be found.

Not all recycling systems are the same-

Recycled water safety is a real concern, pathogens present in the water can make employees ill if proper steps are not taken to insure their safety.


AIS Decontamination


Prevention Or Containment

Are you worried about invasive species getting into your lake or waterway?  YOU SHOULD BE!
Prevention- keep invasive species out. What are invasive species?

  • Zebra Mussels
  • Quagga Mussels
  • Mud Snails
  • Weeds and Grasses

Containment and Management- if your water is already contaminated we can help you keep invasive species from spreading to other waterways.


Safety & ISO 9001 Certifications


Hydro Engineering Inc. is an ISO 9001-2008 company

In addition, all of our products are certified to United States UL, Canadian CSA and European CE safety standards.  These certifications make our products stand out as the safest available today.